Small Paintings: My explorations involving the layering of colors onto paper surfaces are often an action of grabbing of an idea that I find is time sensitive. That is, it is based on the premise that ideas are fleeting and must be captured and explore without delay. The smaller dimensions of this collection provide a vehicle for that pursuit. * Harriet Bellows

Found In Nature
Window Into Night Games
What Happens In Autumn
Deep Forest Adventure
Winter Landscape
Winter Landscape
The Northern Acre
The Romantic Side
The Deal
Gentle Musing
Wander Through
The Search
High Thoughts
Green Structure
Backyard Reveal
Light At The End
Looking Through
Elements of The Sun
The Glimmer
How Curiosity Powers
Subtle Longing
Gaiety Abounds
Evidence of an Individaul
Abstract 55
Circling The Idea
The Director
Tour Through Valley Hills
The Closer Look
Wind Through Colors
Picture of Patience
The Gradient Observed
The Many Methods of Flight
Lake Country
In Plum Fashion
Why Run When You Can Turn Around And Stare It Down
The Blues Gather
Signs For Now
The Influence of Balance
Waiting For Dreams
Dance Around
Many Gestures