I consider much of my art to be portraits, whether it's of my outdoor woodlands or interiors.  Much of my work is autobiographical.  My paintings reflect an interest in the layering of color, line, light and composition along with the use of space within a two-dimensional surface. I like to explore the element of depth between interior and exterior spaces and how they can relate to each other. At times I include what I see as a relationship between animals and their environments and ours. I want my paintings to express a story whether they fall within the category of interior, landscape, abstract or still life.


Harriet Bellows, an American artist, painter who lives outside of Alfred, NY. Many of her oil paintings are autobiographical centered around her home, studio, her extensive travels and surroundings.

Bellows received a BFA and a MFA from the School of Art and Design at Alfred University. Upon graduating she established and operated a studio in Alfred, NY. During that period her work was selected and purchased for Permanent Collections by the Smithsonian American Art Museum/Luce Foundation, D.C. and the Mint Museum’s Allan Chasanoff Ceramic Collection of Charlotte, NC.

In late 1980 she began a 30 year aviation career. In 2010 she retired as a professional pilot and continued her love for drawing and painting.

Bellows has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico with visits to Rome, Florence and Milan, Italy along with extended visits to Puerto Rico, Mexico and New Mexico.

Her artwork has been selected for numerous national juried exhibitions and invitationals. In October 2015 she was awarded an Artist Fellowship at the Virginia Center for The Creative Arts (VCCA).