This selection of work is a glimpse into my paintings and projects.

Detail, from the watercolor series.

Two oil paintings on studio wall.

Watercolor painting detail.

Floating, oil painting detail.

One of my books of Abstracts.

Watercolor painting detail.

Group of small collages.

A charcoal still life study.

Farmhouse Interior, detail.

A drawing section of my studio.

Floral Portraits

Detail, The Writer's View.

Small oil painting on canvas, 2024.

Studio shelf.

Floral Portraits.

Artwork scale.

Hot June 2024.

A drawing of bottles grouped with several favorite objects.

Artist's items.

Oil painting (Night Flood Plain series) with sketchbook, 2024.

Study drawing, 2024.

Large collage on aluminum.

Hot Studio with Yellow Field Floral. June 2024.

A grouping of one of my collage collections.

One of my recent still lifes.

From my Design Pillow Collection.

Quiet space for books.

From my Woodland series of paintings.

The Floral Portrait series, oil on canvas.

Free standing wooden sculpture.

The "Prototype" T-shirt I designed.

Drawing section.

From my Woodland series of paintings.

Comparing scale on one of my studio walls.


4 + 1, abstract collage series. Currently available in my studio.

Abstract studio paintings on view.

My pillow design collection.

A selection of small Floral Abstract oil paintings.

One of my landscape paintings outside my studio.

Collage with free standing sculpture.

Ipad landscape drawing in situ.

Artist as a landowner.

Studio from the pergola.

Studio door with one of my Floral oil paintings on primed paper.

Landscape painting as exterior decor.

Trail outside the studio.

Outside studio gallery

Paint color tests.