4 + 1, abstract collage series. Currently available in my studio.

Collage on studio wall, 23 x 30 in.

South wall of my studio
Small collage works on my studio wall.

Showing scale.

Balance Act Part 2, a collage with paintings and free standing wood sculpture.

Companion pieces: my oil painting with wheel thrown yunomi.

Collage on painted aluminum foil, 23 x 30 in.

Composite of 4 x 6 in. cards. Available in my studio.

Social Distancing and my Outside Gallery Space.

Landcape, from my Santa Fe days and nights.

Ipad with digital painting of a landscape within a landscape environment.

3 Surfaces, painted collage on aluminum foil, clay tray and painted wood sculpture.

5 x 7 in. paintings stacked.

Paintings on canvas and paper with free standin wood sculpture.

Collages from The Spatial Options Series.

One of my painting in an outdoor environment as viewed through my studio door

Like paintings in scale, 12 x 12 in.

Studio chair with a painting.

Three of my paintings, two on canvas, one on paper.

Library time in my studio.
Two paintings, both 12 x 12 in. on canvas.

Showing scale on the North wall of my studio. Available in my studio.

East wall of my studio with new work developing, end of June 2020.