The Arrangement In The Garden, 2023
Blooms Together, 2023, Sold
Lemons And Grapes, 2023
Vase With Plant, 2023, Sold
Imari with Blooms, 2023
Three Blooms, 2023, Sold
Field Bouquet at Sunset, 2023
Spring Tabletop, 2024
The First Peonies, 2023, Sold
Afternoon With Daisies, 2023, Sold
The Afternoon Bouquet, 2023
Two Vases, 2023
Sunset Through The Window, 2023
In A Glass, 2023
The Rule of Simplicity, 2023
Lilacs From My Back 40, 2023.
The Artist's Vase, 2023
Weeds, 2023. Sold
Just A Weed, 2023
Blue White Vase, 2023
Iris For Ann, 2023, Sold
Tuxedo Petal, 2023
Embracing A Room, 2023
Peonies In The Yellow Room, 2023
Wildweed Bouquet From A Recent Walk, 2023
Blooms With Fruit, 2023
Light At Sunset, 2023
The Summer Room, 2023

Floral Portraits is a series of mostly small paintings that reflect my interest in light, composition and color. There's an element of abstraction along with a sense of structure that goes beyond simple composition.