Taken By The Sky, 2024
Tomatoes With A View, 2023-24
The Writer's View, 2023
Around Melvino's, 2024
Night Ride, 2024
The Pantry, 2023
No Street Lights, 2024
The Neighborhood, 2024
The Cat Admiring A Corot Inspired Painting, 2023. Sold
Between Peonies And Roses, 2023, Sold
Moonlight Fish Party, 2023
Within Shouting Distance, 2024
Balls On The Rooftop, 2024
Spring Energy, 2024
The Journal, 2023
The Raven Portrait, 2021
Sunday Match, 2024.
Good Dog, Bad Dog at the Dinner Party, 2023
Neighborhood At Night, 2024
Farmhouse Interior, 2023
Inside/Outside Thoughts, 2022
Bottle Still Life, 2024
The Landscape Box, 2021
The Source, 2022
Hats, Horses and Bravado, 2024
Road To The Airport, 2024

My interest in interior and exterior spaces and how they relate to each other has become part of my art expression. The relationship that exists between animals and humans is an interest, both appear together in many of my paintings. At times I inject a sense of the humor I see within these relationships.