Spring Tabletop, 2024
Coyote Gathering, 2022
Dog Walk, 2023
Spring Vase, 2024
Fish Travel, 2024, Sold
Tall Jar, 2024
Fish Jar With Handles, 2024, Sold
Three, 2024
All About Water, 2024
Fish Up, 2024
The Tall Offering Bowl, 2024
In The Element Of Water, 2024
Ducks Dunking or Ducking, 2024
Fish Swimming Around A Jar, 2022, Sold.
Rainstorm Jar, 2024
Fish School Jar, 2024, Sold
Within, 2024
Woman and Horse, 2024
Fishbowl Still Life, 2024
The Glide, 2024
Just A Spot, 2024
Dirty Water, 2024
The Jar, 2024
Blue School Jar, 2024
LandscapeTeapot, 2024
The Painting That Wanted To Be A Pot, 2024
Under Warer, 2024

Living in a beautiful rural area again for the first time in decades has inspired me. My studio is surrounded by heavily wooded areas. It's a colorful environment full of wildlife. My art responds to it. I was a studio potter after graduate school. I've chosen the discoveries that I made while working with clay forms as vehicles for this series of paintings. I no longer work with clay but instead use a paintbrush. H. Bellows, 2024